Telehealth Appointments

Currently I am unable to open my physical practice, but I have a wide base of knowledge in self-care and partner-assisted care that will be highly beneficial for many individuals to continue progress on their healing during this time of isolation.

I am offering collaborative video consultations that support awareness and assistance to the balance of your overall mind, body, & spirit. These sessions expand the focused development of your personalized self-care routine, assist with the assessment/treatment of daily fluctuations in the body, and include effective guided relaxation exercises you can achieve by yourself or with your partner.

Self-Care & Body Assessment Consultations ~ Individual or Partnered

• Consultations are 60 mins each: 45 mins active engagement & 15 mins cool down/reflection

• Rates range $45-$65 depending on session needs

• Activewear required for ease of movement

• Individualized self-care routine provided verbally and via email after sessions

• Designed for individual self-care or partner-assisted care

• Email check-in available between sessions as needed

• Digital archive of materials covered and visual aids

My objective is to provide:

• Greater awareness & understanding of your body mechanics and how you can best alleviate your discomfort.

• Tools and exercises to utilize on a daily basis for maintenance and healing

• Journaling development to understand patterns with activities and body expression

• Techniques in self-care that will aid your overall health & be an aid for others

• Familiarity with breathing exercise to aid energy levels and mental grounding

These sessions are uniquely developed for each individual and I am open to collaborating and building to the ways that most benefit the individual, in pursuit of routines that serve your goals in body, mind, and spirit. Should you be interested please email me and we can begin discussing options for what works best with you.

For session inquiries please email